For Providers Interested in Wholist


Even the best doctors and practitioners and other health provicers in the world don’t have all the answers.

And when it comes to individual patients and clients, you can’t exactly monitor their every move.

The truth is, you’re only one person and the patients you see often require more than a routine visit to your office.

The problem is, you can’t always know what other doctors or practitioners they’re seeing outside your office.

And even if you did, how could you work together with them to make your patients healthier and happier? After all, that’s the outcome we’re all looking for.

Wholist lets you facilitate smarter solutions for your patients with a network of their other practitioners, and set of core health lifestyle and mindset programs.

Here, you’ll be regularly updated on the patient’s health care life: who they’re seeing, what they’re being treated for and how - and more. With this information, you can make well-informed clinical decisions and flex their treatment plans accordingly.

Think of Wholist as a tool and network that brings different practitioners and doctors together for a patient’s holistic healthcare.

There are a few ways to participate

  • Become part of the Wholist Integrative Care network and healthcare solution and discover an unprecedented way to compare notes, brainstorm outcomes, develop plans of action and a healthier patient population by working with providers across disciplines seamlessly for once. Join our provider network »
  • Become one of our WholeYou program coaches »
  • Refer patients to Wholist for unique, effective 12 week focused health programs like the weight wellness program and get back a healthier patient with no additional work on your part.
  • Refer patients to Wholist for integrative care coordination. We'll do all the work to create their unique personalized team of providers and practitioners, connect the team with shared documents and planning, and communicate progress back to you in a succinct summary so you know how they are doing.

Contact us today or set up a call at your convenience at to learn more and get on board.

Your job will be easier, you will be more satisfied with your patient encounters, your patients will be happier and healthier. Don't wait another day.