Say Goodbye to Yo-Yo Dieting for Good, while Becoming the Healthiest You've Ever Been

Within 12 weeks (or less), Weight Wellness™ will have you slipping into your old clothes, feeling energized all day long, and getting back to your younger self again.

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The Thought of Another Diet was Depressing the Heck out of Me

I was tired of the creeping weight and hopeless cycle of yo-yo dieting, and the “sugar fiend” sabotaging me every time.

The cravings, the hunger, the restrictions, the emotional eating...

Willpower crumbling as we walk by the goodie table, or hit the afternoon lull, or the stress cranks up to ‘11’. And blaming it all on ourselves, making us feel a little smaller every time.

Truth is:

We battle a body and mind that seems bent on subverting every effort to change.

So I set out to change it... for good.

Walk Right by the Goodie Table… and Bee-line for the Healthy, Whole Foods

The key is to align your biology, psychology, and lifestyle so you don’t need willpower anymore. While eating real, delicious food that satisfies you and your body’s needs.

Your healthy choices become automatic.

And your body supports your success, instead of undermining it with cravings, hunger, and stalling your metabolism.

It’s not only possible, it’s what we do every day with our clients who’ve struggled for years with yo-yo dieting and stubborn weight.

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I feel like there weren't options that I had even come across that looked at your whole body and all of the different components of what goes into it. And isn't restrictive because it's really tailored to each person.

— Liz, Super busy mom and career

The Secret to the Success of the Weight Wellness™ Approach

The very things diets ignore, but that sabotage every attempt at weight loss and better health

1. Biology

Resolve the “Hormone Dysregulation” Stoking Cravings and Hunger, and Turn On Fat-Burning

These out-of-whack hormones chemically trigger our brains to ‘crave’ and make us constantly hungry. They also keep us in carb craving mode instead of switching to fat-burning metabolism. Diets only aggravate the problem.

2. Psychology

Resolve Food Triggers and Emotional Eating while Creating Supportive Habits and Mindsets

Willpower never works and "Resist and Restrict" dieting only amplifies them. Instead, we crush those cravings and triggers at the source, create supportive habits and thought patterns, and rewire our brains for lasting change.

3. Lifestyle

Lifestyle Transformation System™: The Process of Permanent Results for Sustaining the “New You” for Life

Lasting change doesn’t happen with just a few new habits and a food plan. It’s a system of change that requires integrating mind, body, environment, positive reinforcement, and deep coaching support.

We call it the Lifestyle Transformation System™, bringing everything together for lasting change in a lifestyle you actually love.

Guided by Expert Weight AND Mindset Coaches Every Step of the Way

Our Weight Wellness™ expert coaches guide you through the entire 12 week process, while providing the personalized support you need to overcome even the stickiest challenges.

And our mindset coaches take it to another level by focusing on the psychological blocks, triggers, and emotional eating keeping you stuck.

Access a Complete Program with Lifetime Access and Daily Support

The Weight Wellness™ core program is delivered in daily, bite-size pieces you can listen to anywhere as mini-podcasts. You also get supportive messages throughout the day, lifetime access in our client portal, and additional resources and tools.

In combination with your coaches, it guides you through every step of this program, while keeping you moving forward every day.

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What Our Clients are Saying About Their New Weight Wellness™ Lifestyle

“The other programs that I'd done before just had a single focus of nutrition... They didn't take all of the elements of what goes into hunger and weight loss and the psychology... and putting it together. That made the biggest difference for me - a complete package that I could understand.”

—Gretchen, age 45, immediately started to lose weight

“So it was never the willpower or the knowledge. It truly was the mindset piece that did it. That and the coaching. That counseling piece was so important for me. I think that made all the difference.”

— Tina, dropping 6 1/2 in and daily blood sugars back to a non-diabetic range

“I'm down 20 pounds from where I started and I'm going to go for at least another 20. And my fasting blood glucose was below a hundred for the first time, in gosh knows forever.”

— Randall, nearing age 70

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