What Our Clients are Saying About Their "Total Health Transformation" with Wholist

“The other programs that I'd done before just had a single focus of nutrition... They didn't take all of the elements of what goes into hunger and weight loss and the psychology... and putting it together. That made the biggest difference for me - a complete package that I could understand.”

—Gretchen, age 45, immediately started to lose weight

“So it was never the willpower or the knowledge. It truly was the mindset piece that did it. That and the coaching. That counseling piece was so important for me. I think that made all the difference.”

— Tina, dropping 6 1/2 in and daily blood sugars back to a non-diabetic range

“I'm down 20 pounds from where I started and I'm going to go for at least another 20. And my fasting blood glucose was below a hundred for the first time, in gosh knows forever.”

— Randall, nearing age 70

I feel like there weren't options that I had even come across that looked at your whole body and all of the different components of what goes into it. And isn't restrictive because it's really tailored to each person.

— Liz, Super busy mom and career

I had tried everything... I definitely thought something was wrong with my body. I just had yo-yo'd too many times. What I found was the whole truth at your program...

I'm just holistically a better person all around. This program worked. And in fact, I have not weighed this little in decades. And it's coming off and I'm living my life... I enjoy the way I eat.

— Julie, tried everything

We've worked with hundreds of people to transform their lives, their bodies, their minds, and their energy...

...even "kick sugar to the curb" and spread the impact to their familes!

Wholist has truly changed my whole mindset about food and health - and I can't recommend it enough. It saddens me to think of all the years I spent trying to diet, lose weight, and be healthier with all the WRONG information and not a shred of evidence to explain why I was torturing my body and mind.

Mainstream advice for weight loss only sets us up to fail and then blame ourselves! The SCIENCE behind Dr. H's methods is truly revolutionary and so much easier to adapt into a "lifestyle change" than any diet I've ever tried.

I've lost more weight, more easily, than I ever have before and I don't feel deprived or that I'm longing for off-limits foods. While losing weight was my primary goal, I so appreciate the chance to work on changing the way I think about so many things in my life. I can't thank Dr. H enough for how her program has affected my waistline and my overall physical and mental health."

Katie N.

Weight Wellness™ Client



The education, coaching and guidance is direct, yet without a single shred of shaming or guilt. The WHOLIST health program is designed to help recalibrate what we know about healthy lifestyle choices.

In this new year I wanted to gift myself with a completely different framework of thinking that would aid me in shedding more than just body weight!

After only 10 days I cannot believe the difference in my eating patterns (never hungry), my sleep habits (yay to a full nights' sleep), and how much more focused I am with my work responsibilities.

Yes, my waistline is benefitting from this program, but the big surprise I did not imagine when I started, was how much my brain would improve.

No lie-- it's all connected and Dr. Heather's daily messages and weekly coaching makes it easy to stay on track with better choices and revised thinking about those choices!

Adora M.

Weight Wellness™ Client



Break Through Your Biggest Weight Loss Roadblocks by Speaking with a Weight Wellness™ Strategist:

It's not just calories... the crucial missing pieces are understanding the "hormone dysregulation" keeping us slipping backwards, AND the mindset tools we need to make true, lasting change without the constant fight.

"I'm not struggling with emotional eating anymore! It turns out, when you work on mindset and unprocessing foods, your cravings go away!"

- Jackie

"Dr. Hammerstedt and Coach Mangum gave me the tools to improve my wellness status quo, lose nearly 30 pounds, shift my mindset, and actually sustain the changes I made!

I still choose what I eat, and I learned what composition of foods is best for me to stay full, optimize my nutrition, and energize my mind and body."

- Liz

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