My Wholist tribe. I am loving this three part series. We talked about the Weight Wellness™ approach to WHAT to eat, and the WHEN of eating...

Now we're onto:

The WHY of eating.

While so much attention is put on the food, the truth is the biggest source of failure is in our mindsets and cravings... not the right foods, right amounts, or even right times.

As you know, I’m a momma of two little crazy muppet boys and a night shift emergency doctor.

I’ve done additional training in integrative nutrition, health coaching and lifestyle medicine, mostly because I have been disappointed by our medical education system and health care system. They just completely miss the point on prevention and lifestyle (but we do a kick ass job at acute and emergency care, which is why love my job :).

I'm all about serving you on your journey to take back your relationship with your mind and your relationship with your food and body.

And get back to where you want to be, while spending time where you want to spend it.

Getting to your WHOLEYOU.

A lifestyle transformation that will not only help you lose and maintain weight, but will prevent and can even reverse many chronic diseases, while giving you the energy you need to take on the world... or just the next hour with grace and ease.

So kids are down (whew) and I’ve got an hour before another night shift starts, so I thought I’d get to part three of three here.

I'm going to give you the big picture on "the WHY of eating."

This is the big one right?

We were all nerdy in part one on how WHAT you eat will effect your body metabolically and in different ways, focusing on whole foods and unrefined and plant based.

We were even geekier in the WHEN to eat, when I just skimmed the surface of needing SKILLpower not WILLpower to break the hormonal dysregulation cycle.

Now we are going to get into some behavior and cognition nerdiness.

Food is complicated.

It has emotion and memory and situations and buffering and family and habits and societal pressures and more, all wrapped into it.  Not to mention all of the conflicting "advice" you are getting.

When you can interpret the signals your body is giving you...

  • Is it body hunger, is it emotional hunger, is it mind hunger?
  • Is it just my body shifting from one metabolic fuel to another?
  • Am I buffering something and choosing to eat? have freedom to choose the thoughts that will create the actions that will serve you.

You have the freedom to understand your body and your mind and get the results you desire.

If it were all about food, you wouldn't be still struggling, would you?

Can there honestly be anything about what foods to eat that you haven't heard or tried before?

When we can get to the bottom of our hungers, cravings, emotional eating, even boredom eating... we can resolve the very thing most holding us back from true, permanent change.

We can have space in our life to choose. We can stop being obsessed with food.

And when we do, we're able to make permanent changes in our weight, health, and energy as we rebalance our hormones, reduce inflammation, and finally implement healthy food changes without constantly fighting ourselves.

Alright, summary...

WHAT: choosing a lifestyle of whole unprocessed food, mostly plants, avoiding inflammatory processed grains and oils-  goal to minimizing hormonal spikes and inflammatory processes

WHEN: giving you the skills to take significant breaks between meals – goal to disrupt the hormonal dysregulation that causes weight issues, hunger, and cravings.

WHY: learning how to think about your thinking and analyze your thoughts, how to choose freedom from your thoughts and rewire your brain to get the results you want in all aspects of life.

Whew…. Time is a short here, my tribe, I’ve got to run.  You understand right?  We all need more hours in the day, that is why I made the coaching program so digitally convenient and flexible for you, so you can literally do it on the run or while doing dishes.

Ciao, friends… wish me luck on shift, you never know what is coming in!

Best in health,