Congratulations! I’m so stoked to have you on board!

We'll be reaching out to you with further details and to determine the best time for everyone for our weekly coaching calls!

This isn't your first coaching program with us, so you know the basics of how the portal and coaching works. We'll be starting the week of Thanksgiving. And we'll have the recordings of the calls in case you can't make one.

If you're not already in the WholeYou Momentum group, you'll also be added there through the end of the year, including the team coaching calls for added opportunities to get support, coaching, and personalized solutions for whatever situation you run into.

And you'll be able to reach out to your coach inbetween calls via the telehealth portal chat or email.

I'm so glad you chose to prioritize how you feel this holidays, as I know the temptations and pressures to completely abandon your health and goals can be strong.

We'll help you stay on track, confident, and feeling amazing as you enter the new year!

Reach out to us at [email protected] if you need anything!

- Heather