Welcome to the Lifestyle Medicine Professional Program

Congratulations! I’m so stoked to have you on board with me!

Whether you are a physician or provider looking to augment your own life skills and health habits, or a physician frustrated with being unable to counsel your patients effectively or efficiently, or if you are looking to augment your lifestyle medicine certification with convenient study tools, I’m your woman! 

I’ve created this entire 8 week program just for you, busy physicians with jobs and families and minimal time but a great desire to improve your knowledge on weight, food, exercise, sleep, mindset and mindfulness. Flexible and convenient, you’ll get a text with access to your daily evidence based podcast and documents for education or your implementable assessments and action plans. Learn that day and use the tools that day when your patient needs it. Additionally we’ll be virtually group thinking as well.

Nothing to do for now, I’ll follow up with you as we get close to the start date of FEBRUARY 4th.

In the meantime, spread the word! The more folks, the better the group work will be, and I’m not sure when the next course will begin yet.

If you want to talk about lifestyle medicine telehealth opportunities, or anything else Wholist offers (weight wellness coaching, fitness coaching, culinary chef strategy calls, meal planning, skincare and more), you can always email me or self schedule a call at wholist.as.me/info15 

Let’s take back health care TOGETHER.

- Heather