Do you keep making promises to yourself... and then failing to deliver? 

Maybe you want to get fit, lose a few pounds, or just wake up an hour earlier every day to do something for you.

Are you stuck in a never-ending cycle of strict diets, overeating, shame, disappointment, and then back to an even stricter diet?

There's nothing worse than making a resolution to work out every other day and then feeling like a failure because you missed the last two sessions. 

It's exhausting. 

But, it doesn't have to be like this. 

I caught up with the fabulous Dr. Krystal Sodaitis - a pediatrician, certified life and weight coach, and recovering yo-yo dieter. 

Dr. Krystal also happens to be one of our holistic mindset coaches!

Together, we discussed Krystal's approach to helping you take control of how you think about your circumstances…

...and how you can control the results you get. 


How to Achieve More by Changing How You Think About Your Circumstances

The base of the model is this: 

  1. We have circumstances in our lives, and those circumstances trigger thoughts 
  2. Those thoughts are accompanied by feelings 
  3. We act on those feelings 
  4. Those actions create results
  5. The results you get typically reinforce that initial thought that you had in point one 

Ok, here's where the good stuff comes. 

(Get ready for an aha moment!)

Those circumstances in your life are neutral events, or facts, like 'the sky is blue'. 


The Secret Ingredient: Seeing “Neutral Events” for What They Are

Everyone can see a neutral event for what it is. It's indisputable. It is what it is.

But, when that neutral event sparks a thought…

… that's where your brain wiring comes in and changes how we think about that neutral event.

So imagine there not being a cloud in the sky. 

One person might think: 'Oh, there's not a cloud in the sky. What a beautiful day.' 

Another person might think: 'I wish it would rain, my garden needs watering' 

Your thoughts are individual and they generate individual feelings in you. 

  • Happy...
  • Motivated...
  • Anxious...
  • Confused...

A neutral event (like the number on the scale when you step up for a weigh-in) can cause a distinct feeling. 

Put on a couple of pounds? You might feel angry, sad, confused - whatever your brain's reaction is to that neutral event. 

So, your brain takes that feeling and reacts to it. 

Do you go out for a run? 

Plan out your meals for the next day? 

Or do you comfort eat? 

However you react, you get a set result from that reaction. 

You may not be able to control the circumstance, but you do get to control what happens out of that circumstance. 

This realization is everything. 


Deciding on the Result You Want to Create Your Circumstance

Your feelings and reactions to your circumstances are all based on prior experiences, prior rewards, prior failures, and prior relationships - including with ourselves, our body, and our food. 

And we just follow those subconsciously. 

Dr. Krystal's approach to coaching helps you to... 

  • Recognize your triggering neutral event
  • Figure out what you want your results to be
  • Then try to figure out the thoughts you need to create in order to take back control of your reactions. 


How to Turn Your Brain’s Autopilot Off

Relying on old reactions to current circumstances results in putting your brain and emotions on autopilot.

They just keep happening, and nothing changes.

We have to practice new thoughts over and over again, so that they become our new default. 

This new thought training takes time and patience.

For some of us, our relationship with food and body image has been in the making for the last 30, 40, or even 50 years. 

Freedom is trying to figure out how to create a healthy, sustainable lifestyle when it comes to food without the feeling of diet restriction.

And we can help you to get there.  

We’ll help you put your plan together, and then be there to keep you inspired and focused along the way.

Krystal is one of our own mindset coaches helping our clients transform their lifestyle and their relationship with food and their own bodies.

There’s no better time than RIGHT NOW.

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It's not enough to have a goal. 

Willpower won't keep you going.

It takes skillpower to make all the difference between wishing and hoping to acting and succeeding for the long haul.

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