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We're so glad to have you as a part of the WholeYou family!

Everyone joining WholeYou starts with our 12 week foundational process of Total Health Transformation. We call it the Weight Wellness program.

You'll find it in your programs library as "Weight Wellness".

It will guide you through 12 weeks of small daily steps, including short podcasts with Dr. Heather, SMS texts and emails to deliver the daily steps and motivation, and helpful resources and downloads.

This is the foundation that will help you implement all 5 pillars of Total Health Transformation in your life, and the foundation for reaching all your health and life goals including weight loss, better energy, better sleep, better focus, and overall better health.

You'll also get to join the WholeYou Momentum private Facebook Group just for members.

Inside that group, you'll get a tight community by your side and our Wholist coaches. It's a great place for support, camaraderie, motivation, and to ask your questions along the way (especially if you haven't chosen an option that includes live coaching).

WholeYou Momentum community is also a place Dr. Heather and the Wholist coaches are launching new challenges, recipes, trainings, and more every month to help you further on your health and life improvement journey.

Look out for that invite, or reach out to [email protected]

What to do Next:

Now that you're in, and hopefully you've already selected your 12 week Weight Wellness start date...

It's time to get ready.

We always start on a Monday as that is how the 12 week program is structured.

In the meantime, you can go ahead and go through the orientation and preparation steps by going to the Weight Wellness program portal here ยป